Life is too short to feel sad

By: Taty Salina

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Monday, 29-Dec-2008 02:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Its about time to move to a new direction, new house, I've been posting my photo here for more than 3 years. So now am moving to be a minah blog, hehehhe.....

Happy New Year to all of my friend.

Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 05:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

I would like to have all of the list below if possible for this Christmas :

1. My honey pie with his socks and rugby/ soccer short only, sent him through the chimney, I know my house doesn’t have one, maybe you can just drop him at my balcony instead.

2. Starbuck Christmas Beverages all over the year – Dark Cherry Mocha and Toffee Nut Frappuccino, yummy… only can drink this during Christmas season…sob sob

3. Mini Coopers, red colour please, no other car, I want a cute small little car, that will make my life simpler especially the parking part, so mini coopers it is, hehehhe…
4. Anything Benefit, Dr. Feel Good, Benetint, Cupid's Bow Lip, That gal, etc etc

5. Anna Sui brushes set, hwaaa…don’t know why I didn’t grab this one during Anna Sui’s warehouse sale this year, silly me….

6. Dior Flight Set, another silly stuff that my honey didn’t see during Dior warehouse Sale, this one come with “Remove Before Flight” tag…huhuhu…

7. Nikon D90 body, if you are generous enough Santa, and want to make your life easier, just get me the D90 kit lens, no need to bargain for a good price for the body, heheheh
8. Omega Watch Ladies’ Speedmaster – sebab nak lawan ngan Bashir, he bought Omega watch for 7k, arghhh…jealousnya dekat dia…hehehe…and he eksyen to me and Mish some more, posing2 with his watch. Bluekkkk…benci…..

9. Anything hears on fire diamonds cut, ring. Bracelet or ear ring, huhuhuh….
10. Anything Japanese related to Doraemon, Hello Kitty, toys, games, bags, junkies, drinks with this…ona ona inna…hehehehhe

Sometimes I can have a very bad binge thinking and this is one of the result of me binge thinking…..gile sudah…anyway, Merry Christmas to all of my friends, Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year, wish everyone happy holiday and hope for a better future next year.

Monday, 15-Dec-2008 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Season Greetings

Japanese canned drinks
The yummy ice snow
The curve - animals
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Now I’m completely in holiday mood, hehehe….cant wait till the end of this week where my holiday regime begin. Too many party invitation and I really have to do proper planning for my year end holiday. Early this year I planned to go to Bangkok to visit my friend, but the political situation in Bangkok doesn’t permit me to be there, ah….can you believe I never been to Bangkok all my life, yes, you may laugh at me and now please laugh harder coz I’m going to make another confession, I never been to Singapore all my life, hahahha… After the Bangkok trip been cancelled, I planned to go to Singapore, but after few discussion with my friends, the answer is no, sigh, my friend here, Benny going to the lion city almost every month, gila, tak tahu apa dia cari dekat sana, one time he went there just to purchase guitar, and this time I don’t know why, they said the Christmas sale in Spore is really good, hmm…maybe next year.

Anyway, most of the the mall in KL are very beautiful now with Christmas trees, this year I really like the Christmas ambient in the Curve, well I love the animals that they make from tree especially the elephant, hehhe… well I love anything to do with elephants anyway.

Last week, a day before hari raya korban I went to this shop at Uptown Damansara, well I been there before, but this time I went there to taste their snow ice thingy, they have few flavours of that, look like ABC but the ice that they machine comes with flavour, so they no need to pour any syrup or whatever to the ice. This shop called 100 Yen, basically the most expensive stuff in here cost only 100 yen, they sell all the junkies, drinks and household from Japan, so I’m kind of excited when I discovered the shop, since I’m the big fan of anything related to Japan.

The weather in KL now is not really good for outdoor shot and I’m running of interesting idea to shot in the house, actually pemalas la, that is the truth, am just using the weather as a reason only, hehehe…just blame the weather for whatever happened.

Friday, 28-Nov-2008 07:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Make Me A Hero

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Grengg…grenggg….this is not the sound of mat rempit’s bike, hehehe. Finally I got my own guitar heroes set, huhuh…actually my honey pie was the one who wanted to buy this so much for me, he always want to surprise me, but always fail most of the time, which is end up he will blurt everything out, tak boleh nak simpan rahsia langsung, sebab tu semua surprise gagal. So he been telling me about the guitar and we had search few places and most of the shop selling it for quite high price, above rm200.

Last weekend when I went out with budak kecik and few other friends, budak kecik asked me to call the master Gaban aka Zack because he was at the game shop in IOI Mall, Nelson. Well budak kecik intention was to check on his rock band set but then I asked Zack whether they have guitar heroes for PS2, ignoring budak kecik request, and yay, they have it and its only RM120, huhuh…so much different from the commercial shop, after getting approval from ministry of finance (honey pie) because he is the one who gonna pay for it, I told Zack to buy it for me…huhuh….the next day after I came back from work, I get hooked up to the game. Damn, not taking my shower whatsoever, arrived home from office, and start plug in my PS and sit there until midnight , this game is really addictive, seriously.

The next day I was busy looking for cheat code, listening to all the rock band songs, and cancelled everything to go back and play the guitar. Hmm…feel like anti social mode is on now, as for me after playing the rock band and guitar heroes, I felt the songs collection in guitar heroes are nicer, well this is my personal opinion, as per rock band freak they will definitely say the rb is better.

I watched you tube and found so many expert player sharing tips about the game, one clip which is impressed me was a 8 years old boy, playing on expert mode and complete it 100%, whooo…… kalau cerita kat Zack sure dia akan ckp I sampah sebab tak terror, hoh….I just paying for fun and not to stress up myself. Good thing require time, hehehhhe.

Yesterday, honey pie tired to surprise me, uncountable attempt dah ni, but still fail, hahaha….he bought me the dior make up stuff, huhuhu, tapi kantoi jugak masa nak gi membeli belah tu, hahaha, coz he don’t know what to get and end up calling me and asked about mascara and compact power etc, hahaha… this is why am hooked up to you honey!

Last week another friend went to Cameron Highland, so strawberry day, hehehe…this time around I’m sharing the strawberry with others, because my friend bought me 2 big pack of it, hehehe…. Nyum nyum…

Saturday, 22-Nov-2008 09:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fly Me To The Moon


Fly me to the moon, let me be among the stars, let me feel how spring like on Jupiter and Mars, in another words hold my hand, in another words darling kiss me…..hmmm…hmmm…I went to my friend lovely wedding at Rennaison Hotel on Saturday night, it was a beautiful wedding, I didn’t see my friend for more than a year and he is back here, in KL for his wedding. It was a small wedding, simple yet elegant, close family and friends, the kind of wedding that I fancy as well, just invite close people, those who always be by your side ups and downs, not the super duper gala wedding that you invite anyone that you know, it is not about the cost so much but you wouldn’t be able to spend quality time with each of the guest.

From my experience, being a photographer during a wedding ceremony, it is a very stressful experience, not to miss the important shot, the walking to the isle, the hugging, tears, smile and kisses, but to make the bride and groom smile and not showing their stress and nervous face is a big challenge, yeah I know it seem simple yet complicated, hehehhe….so for those who will be having your big day soon, do practise how to smile and just forget about everything and be happy, forget about the cake which is screw up or whatever not follow your plan, just smile, smile and smile, trust me you don’t want to see your wedding album full of grumpy faces, and this will make the photographer job be a little bit easy as well.

Another thing that you need to be aware, just remind of your friends and family members who has the big camera, please give some space for the hired photographer to do their job and not to block their view, seriously, these is very annoying to the photographer, if you think your family and friend want to show their photography skills as well, advice them to follow the photographer from their back, not in front of them!

Finally if you have a friend and family members who is good in photography, just ask them to be your photographer for your wedding day, hehehe… you can save a lot and you wont be so stress to pose and smile, and you will feel easy as well, jeng jeng, so to my dear kawan-kawan, please give me a kawan-kawan price for my big day okay….kekekke….

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